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26 December 2011

Help the Holy Land?

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- Pray for the Holy Land, for the Custody and its ministries, and also for vocations for friars.

- Make a pilgrimage to show your attachment to the Holy Land and all its inhabitants. The Custody will welcome you in the sanctuaries it animates; it also offers a number hotel-type facilities, known as the "Casa Nova" pilgrim hostels.

- Subscribe to The Holy Land, a magazine published by the Custody.

- Spend time here as a volunteer.

Online donation

- You can make an online donation right now to the Holy Land NGO.

Or you can send a gift to the Holy Land Commissioners in Canada:

Commissariat of the Holy Land

  • 1247 Kilborn Place
  • Ottawa, ON K1H 6K9
  • (613) 737-6972
  • Tel./ Fax (613) 737-6972
  • Email  :