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26 December 2011

DVD: Terra Sancta, Guardians of Salvation’s sources

English français

The history of Salvation through the sanctuaries of the Holy Land, in a narration which – starting from Mount Nebo and the role of the prophets in the biblical events of Israel – guides us to the places of Jesus’ earthly experience, taking us as far as Emmaus and the life of the first Christian community.

In a film lasting 3.40’ we witness the unfolding of a journey without equals against the backdrop of exclusive and highly suggestive images: an overview complete with computergenerated geographical illustrations including maps and charts, essential historical descriptions and accurate biblical and archaeological references. The descriptive aspects helping the pilgrim-visitor to plan out his or her itinerary are joined with an invitation to embark upon a bigger journey – Bible in hand – a journey of reflection and spiritual renewal, accompanied throughout by the words of friars.

Terra Santa - Guardians of Salvations sources

is an institutional expression of the Custody of the Holy Land and the manifold, age-old commitment of the sons of Francis of Assisi to preserving and revitalizing the sites linked to the memory of Christ, to studying their material and spiritual manifestations and disseminating knowledge of them, to welcoming and guiding pilgrims.


A DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is a digital medium that can be read by DVD-Video players connected to a television set or computer DVD-ROM drives. It is thus a tool that lends itself to widespread diffusion, one offering an opportunity to view the contents of a highly effective interactive multimedia project characterised by ease of consultation, individual freedom in selecting among options, hypertext navigation and interactivity.


From the main menu you can first choose among the different languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Croat, Arabic and Hebrew. The journey is divided into two parts, which may be explored in the suggested order or according to a personalised itinerary (by directly calling up the desired section using the remote control or mouse).